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4 Criteria to Choose Right Robot Toy for Kids

Technology and Robotics are all around us. Nowadays, children not only need to know how to adopt applied technology but also how to code themselves. That’s the reason parents want kids to learn how to code and experience it in the early learning stage. One of the best ways to learn elementary coding is learning with programmable robots. Most of the coding robots allow kids to learn block-based coding, delivering instruction to the robotic toy, and performing different movements. Here are a few critical factors to consider for choosing programmable robots for your kids.

1. Robot Toy For The Right Age

Some robotic toys are designed for purposes of developing the early coding concept for kindergartners which might not be challenging enough for kids and teenagers to learn. Therefore, we need to consider the recommended age of the toy robot. Some programmable toys are for little engineers who have advanced knowledge and basic coding concept of programming. We have reviewed some of the best in the market. For your interests, you can read more HERE.

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To learn ‘what’s a robot’… watch below…

2. Coding Language of The Robot Toy

The block-based programming language is easy for kids to learn and pick up. Kids can learn the basic concepts and instructions such as direction, conditions, loops, and functions by simply drag and drop in graphical presentation. Some robot toys can perform unique sets of actions based on kids’ instruction. It helps maximize kids’ creativity and establish logical thinking.

Apart from robot toy, we can also learn from coding books for kids. You can find some recommended books HERE.

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3. Is The Robot Toy Buildable, Customizable, And Extendable

Woo… If it is just an ordinary robot toy that not much the kids can do to make it unique or personalized, your children will get bored very soon. That’s why the robotic toys should be customizable that allows kids to create their robots with creativity to keep them engaged in playing as well as learning to code.

Interested in seeing some robot toys in the market… feel free to shop HERE


4. Price of The Robot Toy

Certainly, that’s a critical point. The prices of the robotic kits can vary depending on the brand, quality, functionality, and components included, and so on. If you are interested in looking for robot kits and even the learning toys to enhance STEM and programming proficiency, feel free to see our range of products and we hope it helps you pick some great presents for your little programmers and future engineers.

Happy Robotics Learning!

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