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8 Greatest Coding Books for Kids (2020 Review)

8 Greatest Coding Books for Kids (2020 Review) In this guide, we’ll look at the best and most interesting coding books which help kids learn elementary programming skills. We’ve compared the features, value, level of difficulty and appropriate ages to give you our top recommendations. All the books we suggest have their own uniqueness in […]

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4 Best Ways to Make Code Fun For Kids

4 Best Ways to Make Code Fun For Kids We always say there are many ways to make code fun. Robotic toys is one of the ways for code learning. Doubtlessly, coding skill is becoming an essential skill to master no matter for career development and even studies. With technology advancement and popularity, kids adapt […]


How Robotic Toys Teach Kids STEM Skills?

How Robotic Toys teach Kids STEM Skills? As most parents know, STEM skills play important role in child development, in particular, help kids establish critical thinking, develop logical thinking and skills of problem-solving. In order to cover as many STEM elements as they could in their products, most educational toy companies invest a lot and put […]


Great Changes – Robot Toys of the Past and Present

Robot Toys of The Past and Present There is a very interesting historical background of Robot Toys. Do you know the name of the first toy robot and where it is produced? Actually, the word “Robot” is from “Robota” in the Czech word. It means ‘forced labor‘. The robot was originally designed to save the labor force […]