GJS GEIO Gaming Battle Robot Review

GJS GEIO Gaming Battle Robot Review

Apart from robotic toys for STEM and code learning, we know some of you might also be interested in a battle robot that allows kids to learn to code and even control it for robot battle. GEIO Gaming AR Battle Robot might be the right one you want to know more. 

GEIO Gaming Robot, developed by GJS Robot. It is an app-controlled Programming Robotic. It is not only good for STEM learning but also great for entertainment by various modes and functions it can perform. Comparing with an ordinary robotic toy, GEIO battle robot emphasizes on the gaming experience. Kids can tune, program and even bring their own tailor-made GEIO in the latest popular entertainment sport – RSports which will unite people around competitive battle robots. Without further ado, let’s see how GJS can do and the difference between GEIO Gaming Robot and other robotic toys.

What makes GEIO Gaming Battle Robot Special

GEIO is the first FPS gaming robot equipped with an intelligent recognition system and a high-speed motion system. It allows players to view robot perspective, control their GEIO and enjoy the exciting gaming experience. High-speed omnidirectional wheels and the mobile battery offers GEIO excellent mobility and sensitive moves of control which brings player amusing experience in race mode, driving mode and robot battle as well.


Apart from highly responsive movements, GEIO is also equipped with an expression system. Players can feel GEIO change in emotion. Every single move that players interact with GEIO, will give a response. For example, feeling happy after a victory, showing sad after a loss, etc. It makes GEIO like your buddy rather than just a controlled robot. If kids want to make their buddy happy, they need to pay more time and effort to grow with GEIO. 🙂

GEIO Features At A Glance

  • First Person Viewing Gaming Experience
  • Intelligent Recognition
  • Multiple Gameplays
  • Extreme Control
  • Programming
  • AI Emotions
  • Infrared Attack System
  • Electronic Scoring System

What makes GEIO Special?


GEIO is equipped with a camera and sensors. It allows players to view through Robot’s sight. Players can explore, race and fight the enemy through the first-person view which makes AR gaming experience exciting.

Learn Programing via Graphical Coding 

kids can use the mobile app to code and adjusting the moves of GEIO. The programming mode enables kids to use blocky based coding to better GEIO performance and build a custom movement. For sure, kids will find it interesting and it can enhance STEM proficiency and establish skill of logical thinking.

Have Fun with Friends

The most special feature of GEIO battle robot is the multiplayer battle mode. No the same as other toy robots, it allows kids to race and battle with 4 buddies at the same time for racing and fighting with each other. GEIO also provides an electronic scoring system and totem system which makes AR gaming experience interesting and dynamic. With diversified weapons and abilities to upgrade GEIO, players can enjoy competitive games with friends in battle/race and treasure snatch mode.

GJS GEIO Gaming AR Battle Robot multiplayer 1,robotopicks

Make Special GEIO Battle Robot 

Apart from GEIO in Red and Blue, similar to other robot toys, kids can add special parts, paint special color and marking to their own toy robots and make GEIO unique.

GJS GEIO Gaming AR Battle Robot tailor made 1, robotopicks

Diversified Single & Multiplayer Modes  

GEIO robotic fighter provides 8 game modes in total. 4 are for single modes and another 4 are multiplayer modes. everyone enjoys robot toys will have fun through various game modes. Here you can see what you can play in different game modes.

Solo Mode:

  • Race Mode – race the clock for the fastest time
  • Explore Mode – explore your world in Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Drive Mode – Drive your GEIO in ultimate speed
  • AR Mode – Practice for your next battle against an AI opponent
  • Programming Mode – build special moves with block-based coding in the STEM mode


Multi-Player Mode:

  • Race Mode – race the clock for the fastest time with friends
  • Battle Mode – Battle one or many opponents in Augmented Reality
  • Knight Mode – Use the gyro in your smart device to control your GEIO
  • Treasure Snatch – Use totems in this battle against guardians and snatchers
  • Fun and educational

  • Interesting AR experience

  • Exciting multiplayer modes
  • take time to get GEIO connected

  • Relatively short battery life

  • Customer's feedback​​

    No. of Customer reviews – 9 (updated to 25 Aug 2019)

    • This robot is fierce!!
    • Really Fun
    • A fascinating product!

    GEIO Gaming Battle Robot Specifications

    Age> 8
    Prebuilt / Kit buildPrebuilt
    Skill of CodingRequired
    ProgrammableBlock-Based coding
    PlayabilityExcellent robot toy for STEM and even gaming
    ControlApp control by smart device
    Power1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
    enable users to build custom movements

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