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UBTECH Iron Man MK50 Robot Review

UBTECH Iron Man MK50 Robot Review and Guide

UBTECH has launched a marvelous robotic toy Iron Man MK50 Robot. No matter you are kids or kidults can also play as Tony Stark and suit up as Iron Man. MK50 Robot allows players to receive diversified weaponry training, experience challenging augmented reality (AR) missions, upgrade their robotic toy and even personalize armor performance by using the mobile app available on both IOS and Android. Let’s join one of the greatest Avengers that every kid wants to be.

UBTECH Iron Man MK50 Robot Review, robotopicks

What’s Iron Man MK50 Robot Special

  • Unique Iron Man Experience – Augmented Reality (AR) Missions
  • Customize The MK50 Iron Man Robot
  • Command The MK50 Iron Man Robot
  • High Mobile Device Compatibility

Unique Iron Man Experience - Augmented Reality (AR) Missions

The most unique feature of Iron Man MK50 Robot toy is called “Nanotech Development” which provides challenging Augmented Reality (AR) Missions. As long as you have downloaded the companion app and get it connected with the robotic toy, you can play a series of AR missions that allow you to suit up MK50 against the nano-drone enemies. What’s more, you can upgrade Starktech, unlock higher levels and defeats the greater threats like the Chiari and Ebony maw in the exciting AR gaming experience.

AR Mission_ Ironman MK50,UBTECH_robotopicks

Customize Your MK50 Iron Man Robot

In the “Iron Man” movies, you can see Tony Stark keeps fine-tuning ‘Friday’ intelligence and improving Armor abilities with his advanced engineering knowledge. MK50 Iron Man Robot would also give you a chance to make your MK50 Iron Man unique as Tony does in the movies. 

Custom Protocol is the portal to let you give additional abilities to your robot toy. You can customize the MK50 movements by using block-based programming. By using the visual drag-n-drop programming editor, you can give your MK50 Iron Man Robot some special moves

block based_ Ironman MK50,UBTECH_robotopicks

Besides, you can also manage almost all gadgets/tricks for the robot including

Open and Close Face Plate 

Tony always shows his face by opening faceplate in the movies, you can also do the same for the Robot. Flipping up the faceplate, you can see the LCD screen inside showing Tony Stark’s face just like he is wearing the armor. If you don’t like to see Tony, you can replace and show your own face using the companion app instead.

Ironman MK50,UBTECH_robotopicks_2

Infrared Sensor and Movement Detection

Iron Man MK50 Robot is smart. Apart from recognizing object movement, the infrared sensor installed can detect the edge of the surface and prevent your MK50 from falling.

gif5_Ironman MK50, UBTECH_robotopicks

Sound Detection and language Recognition  

MK50 is equipped with Microphones for sound detection. Moreover, it has the ability of language recognition. Thus, you can command your Iron Man robotic toy verbally.

Sound Effect and Recording Function

Iron Man can also speak as Tony’s voice and even speak for you if you have recorded tailor-made audio content and sound effects to replace the default settings. Certainly, you are still able to reset the robot and go back to the default setting.

Controllable LED LIGHTS

The LED effect is awesome of MK50. You can control LED lights in 6 different parts; Eyes, Chest, Chest stroke, Repulsor Palms, Heels, and Bottom of Feet via the mobile app Mobile Command Protocol.

Ironman MK50,UBTECH_robotopicks

Command Your MK50 Iron Man Robot

MK50 Robotic toy has 7 motors to perform complicated movements. Kids can use the Mobile Command Protocol to remotely control the Iron Man robot, such as 

  • Turn right and left 
  • Walk forward and backward
  • Rotate the robot’s waist right and left
  • Turn Your robot’s head right and left 
  • Raise up and down both arms for shooting position and 
  • Trigger the FIRE REPULSOR animation and sound effect

High Mobile Device Compatibility

The Robot companion app is designed for iOS and Android devices. Besides, the app supports 9 languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Korean, Japanese and Chinese (traditional and simplified).

  • Great robot toy for Iron Man Fans

  • Detailed setting for MK50

  • Exciting gameplay
  • Takes ONE hour to fully charge for 1.5 hours playing time

  • pretty heavy

  • Customer's feedback

    No. of Customer reviews – 9  (updated to 3 Aug 2019)

    What do they think?

    • amazing robot
    • Tailored more to video gamers, not robotics fans
    • Fun toy…but that price!!

    UBTECH Iron Man MK50 Robot Specifications

    AgeRecommended for ages 14+
    Prebuilt / Kit buildPrebuilt
    Skill of CodingNot required
    ProgrammableBlock-based Programming
    PlayabilityExcellent robot toy for Marvel Fans
    ControlBy mobile phone app
    Power2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
    Rechargeable by connecting your robot to a power source using the included micro USB cable

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