MIBRO Robot Toy Review and Guide

MIBRO Robot Toy Review and Guide

As Really Rad Robots says, MIBRO Robot Toy can play many pranks and tricks to kids and you. Even though it is a remote-controlled robot toy, the interaction between kids & friends/parents is the funniest part of this toy. Here we would like to review and show you why MIBRO robot toy is popular among kids.

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Mibro will probably be a great one for your kid. Use the link below to order the product on Amazon. 

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What Mibro Can Do?

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Speak in a silly way – you can speak through the microphone of the Rad Remote (remote controller). It will filter your voice and make it sound weird. Kids like that!

Sneak and listen – Perhaps, you don’t want your kids knowing much about your secret talk with others, but it has a sound recording function. Kids can play as a spy and use this little gadget to receive Intel and parents top-secret.  
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Perform diversified functions and sound effects – this tiny robotic toy is fully loaded with over 50 functions and sound effects, allow it to move, dance, play a ball game, record voice, scare your buddy and even bring refreshment to you via the controller. 

Help kids express themselves – although it is not able to programmable, accessories provided like the Blaster, Ball, Big Foam Hand is greatly useful to help kids express themselves and make lots of fun through the game and interaction with brothers and sisters, parents and even peers-friends. 

Mibro is a little robot assistant – Don’t underestimate this toy robot, with your command, it can carry up to 400g or about 1lbs. It is more than enough to help you bring a smartphone, TV remote controller as well as a can of soft drink. It requires kids to have precise control and it can train and strengthen eye-hand coordination via these series of actions.

Pros & Cons

  • fun and nice-looking

  • practical preset functions

  • diversified voice features

  • playful accessories
  • a bit noisy (sound adjustable)

  • battery not included

  • Customer's Feedback

    No. of Customer reviews349  (updated to 18 July 2019)

    What do they think?

    • MiBRO is a solidly built robot, and he has enough features to keep our five years old entertained. The controller is easy to operate
    • Clip-on foam hand and rad blaster make him look adorably silly
    • Enjoying playing with them. Not expensive at all for such a good quality toy!!
    • This toy is rather noisy, but that’s part of the fun

    MIBRO Robot Toy Specifications

    Age5 - 15
    Prebuilt / Kit buildPrebuilt
    Skill of CodingNot required
    PlayabilityGreat fun!
    Especially playing with a buddy!
    AutonomousNo, fully controlled by remote controller
    ControlBy remote control device
    Power3 AAA batteries required

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