Best 6 3D Pens Review

Top 6 3D Pens Review for Kids & Professionals (2021 Buyer’s Guide)

What are 3D pens? 3D Pens are magic wands that let you turn what you draw into a 3-dimensional object. Imagine that, you can now take a portable 3D printer…

Gravity Maze Marble Run Game Review

Interesting Gravity Maze Marble Run Game by ThinkFun (Reviewed 2021)

Recently, my son became obsessed with Gravity Maze and spent much of his playing time in this interesting marble run brain game that we bought for him. This educational STEM…

5 Best Electric Circuit Kits for Kids to learn Electronics with Fun (Reviewed 2021)

5 Best Electric Circuit Kits for Kids to learn Electronics with Fun (Reviewed 2021)

Apart from the robotic toys, our research team has also taken more than 50 hours to study and play over the electric circuit kits that help little engineers aged 7…

Best Smartwatches for Kids

The 6 Best Smartwatches for Kids to Buy, 2021

About Smartwatches for Kids Smartwatches are fashionable accessories that people bring along every day. These trendy gadgets provide a range of practical features that help simplify and organize daily works.…


auto-converting optimus prime_02

The #1 Powerful Auto-converting Transformer – Optimus Prime is Coming!

After developing a series of auto-converting programmable robots, Robosen brings toy robotics fans to a greater level of expectation. This time the Robosen team shows us their state-of-art technology and…

RAF STEM_robotopicks

Inspiring STEM Careers In The Royal Air Force (RAF)

STEM is not just a subject to study or skills that children need to master, but it is really helpful for career development, in particular, for jobs related to engineering.…

Robotic Masseurs_robotopicks

Enjoy Massage Service by Robotic Masseurs

There is great demand of massage service without having to rely on someone helps, in particular, under the pandemic situation. Robot helps a lot regarding aging people, patients caring, and…

robots covid 19_robotopicks

Research of how COVID-19 Pandemic influence the Robot Toy Developers and Market

It seems to be an interesting topic to study how robotics can help under the covid 19 pandemic. We just found in-depth market research to study the most popular robotic…

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