Robot Toys Amazon Prime Day 2021

Great Value Robot Toys After Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021

When it comes to Amazon Prime Day, it is always the best time to save money and buy toys for kids at a great deal. If you are going to…

7 Best Solar Robot Kits for STEM Learning

7 Best Solar Robot Kits for STEM Learning (Reviewed 2021)

Solar robotic kits are one of the best educational toys to arouse little engineers’ interest in learning green science. What’s more, it helps develop kids’ STEM proficiency (Science, Technology, Engineering,…

Robosen T9-E Advanced Programmable Auto Transforming Robot

Robosen T9-E Transforming Robot – The Most Advanced Programmable Robotic Toy Introduction

Transformers in Real? Robosen T9-E Advanced Programmable Robot Many little boys have a dream to meet robot friends and have exciting adventures as what the ‘Transformers’ movies and animation series…

kid stacking stones game_robotopicks

Enjoy Stacking Stones Game with Kids

About the Stacking Stones Game Stacking stones or any kind of stacking game is about the art of balancing. It is using irregular shapes, sizes, and even weight of objects…



Sphero RVR robot is at a big discount right now!

Sphero – as you might know, one of the leading toy robotics companies that launched diversified advanced robot toys such as Star Wars droids, RVR programmable robot car, Spider-Man Interactive…

stem robotics_robotopicks

STEM And Robotics Refine Education

Most of us know what STEM curriculum is and understand how STEM refine modern education over the decades. With technological advancements, the teaching of science, technology, engineering, and math is…

robotic for military_robotopicks

Robotics Company Announce New Spin-off to Develop AI Robot for Military And Police Use

Sphero, a toy manufacturer known for making simple, programmable robots for kids, has launched a new spinoff business to develop AI and robotics for law enforcement, first responders, and other…

Cozmo shuts down_robotopicks

Robotic Toys startup that made cute toy Cozmo shuts down

A startup that designed and produced robotic toys with AI for home entertainment called Cozmo has been shut down. Anki says it’s laying off its talented employees after failing to…

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