Robo Wunderkind Robotic Kit Review

Robo Wunderkind Robotic Kit Review

Robotic toys should include 3 core elements, Robots, Coding and Fun. That’s all that could be found Robo Wunderkind Robotic kit. Robo Wunderkind robotic toy is widely adopted by more than 200 schools and thousands of homes for STEM education. It is a modular kit that teaches kids elementary coding skills and robotics and suitable for aged 5 and above. It’s not only fun, but also educational and greatly helpful for STEM development. By using a few pieces of components and the TWO mobile apps Robo Live & Robo Code, kids can build and code their robots to unleash unlimited creativity. Without further ado, Let’s see what makes Robo Wunderkind special.

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What makes Robo Wunderkind Robotic Kit Special

Building Robot Kit of Robo Wunderkind

Building Robotic kit by using Robo Wunderkind is super easy. While unpacking the box, kids can see some colorful cubes, wheels and several components which allow kids to build their robots. After getting the robot assembled, kids can enjoy playing with their own robot toys in their own ways.

What you can build?

Actually, there are 2 sets available for starters and builders for education. The modulars included are slightly different and you can also purchase advanced set to further enhance programming skill and creativity.

Starter Set is for robot kit beginners. It includes everything you need to start playing and coding.

Robo Wunderkind starter kit included, robotopicks

Education Set includes more modulars which allow kids to further explore robotics with using additional parts.

Robo Wunderkind education kit included, robotopicks

Advanced Set brings kids more useful components and let kids bring out more great ideas of robot toy building.

Robo Wunderkind advanced kit included, robotopicks

Coding Your Robotic Toy

Coding of Robo Wunderkind robotic Toy is simple. TWO mobile apps are available. 

  • Robo Live is for controlling the robot. 
  • Robo Code is for programming the robot. 
Robo Wunderkind app, robo live, robotopicks
Robo Wunderkind app, robo code, robotopicks

Both are visual and block-based mobile applications that are available on iOS, Android smart devices as well as Kindle. As the colorful blocks are coded with specific functions, little builders can plug, test and play the modular direct and build their own robots without taking time to read through the comprehensive user guide. 

For advanced little programmers, they can also challenge themselves by coding advanced commands such as loops, if-then scenario, decision trees and even more. Kids who are aged 5-10 can find fun from robotic kit building and establish logical thinking by this interesting programming approach.

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Having Fun with LEGO Bricks

Just like Wonder Workshop Dash Interactive Robot Toy, Robo Wunderkind robot kit is also compatible with LEGO bricks. By using some parts included in the set, kids can get the robot connected with additional LEGO bricks. Little builders can use the bricks to make their robots unique in appearance and even bring some new functions to them. For example, you can transform the robo car to a big truck, switch the flashlight to a beautiful Christmas tree and whatever you can imagine.

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  • Simple to code

  • Mobile Apps compatible for both IOS & Android devices

  • good for 5 years and up
  • Not highly flexible to code for advanced builders

  • Pay for extra parts (but not compulsory)

  • Customer's feedback​

    No. of Customer reviews – 15  (updated to 16 Aug 2019)

    • Easy to be handled by small children
    • Amazing toy!
    • Engaging coding toy
    • Super kid friendly and fun

    Robo Wunderkind Robotic Kit Specifications

    Age5 years and up
    Prebuilt / Kit buildPrebuilt
    Skill of CodingKit build
    ControlBy mobile app
    Power1 Lithium Polymer batteries required
    DevelopabilityHigh, selective to purchase extra parts

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