Robosen T9-E Advanced Programmable Auto Transforming Robot

Robosen T9-E Transforming Robot – The Most Advanced Programmable Robotic Toy Introduction

Transformers in Real? Robosen T9-E Advanced Programmable Robot

Many little boys have a dream to meet robot friends and have exciting adventures as what the ‘Transformers‘ movies and animation series show them, That’s the reason robotic toys are always one of the most favorite toys among kids and even for adults. And now, the dream comes true to bring an auto-transforming robot alive. That’s Robosen T9-E, one of the most advanced programmable robots ever.

Watch Robosen T9-E Video Introduction

Robosen T9-E robot is cool in design and with diversified features that make it unique in the robotic toys market. T9-E is assembled by more than 3,000 state-of-the-art components and 22 proprietary servo motors. What’s more, high-grade metal alloy parts with cutting-edge robotic technology make T9-E to be a premium-grade toy robot. With advanced technology adopted, it makes T9-E look awesome and able to perform excellence to hit the toy-tech market.

Robosen T9-E Programmable Auto Transforming Robot_car mode
Robosen T9-E Robot – Vehicle Mode

Special Features of Robosen T9-E Robot

Auto-converting Programmable Robot

Auto-converting between robot and vehicle is one of the most important features of T9-E. Both vehicle and robot modes can be switched instantly through voice command or App control. Besides, that’s always not easy to see a robot walk naturally due to balancing matter. What’s amazing is that T9-E shows bipedal walking ability in the robot mode which makes it distinctive in the robotic toy market.


You can command Robosen T9-E in various ways. 

  • deliver up to 30 voice commands or 
  • mobile app via your smartphone which supports android and IOS platforms

Furthermore, advanced robotic toy players will be happy to see that the robot can be programmed to perform custom moves, e,g walk to designated routines, dance, and even switch between robot and vehicle modes. All of your special moves can be programmed by using the Scratch type drag & drop interface that you can play around with via Robosen’s app with ease.

Award-winning Robotic Toy

Robosen T9-E robot is well-recognized by different review platforms and media which show T9-E is one of the greatest toy robots in the advanced robot-tech market.

CNET – One of the “coolest robots of 2020”
KTLA NEWS – Contender for this year’s “Must Have Toy”
THE VERGE – “One of the coolest robot toys ever made”

Robosen T9-E Features at A Glance

Mobile App ControlledSupports Android and IOS Devices.
Voice ControlledSupports between 30 and 80 voice commands.
Programmable4 Programming Options.
22 Servo MotorsChest 2 / Arms and Hands 4×2 / Legs and Feet 5×2 / Drive Wheels 2
MicrochipsMicrocontroller to control 22 servo motors
Bluetooth ConnectionConnects via Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
MicrophoneA built-in microphone allows the robot to react to voice commands.
SpeakerBuilt-in speaker for system sounds and robot response.
Lithium BatteryA rechargeable Lithium battery is included with the robot.

Wrapping up

Robosen T9-E is an outstanding programmable auto-converting robot that is very unique in design and able to perform many unexpected features. programming functions. If you are interested in programmable Transformers, don’t miss this great piece.

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