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Top 5 Robotic Toys For Robot Fight (2020 Review)

Top 5 Robotic Toys For Robot Fight (2020 Review)

In this guide, we’ll look at the top and the best battle robots which allow kids to play with parents and friends and even enjoy themselves at this critical moment. Some of them are highly advanced which could also be used for code learning. Some of them can bring purely exciting robot fights with lots of fun. Without further ado, let’s see what we got…

5 Robotic Toys for Battle Reviewed

  • Sensitive and smooth in control
  • Unique AR shooting experience
  • 8 single and multiplayer game modes
  • Over 100 customized combination 
  • Limited space required for exciting combat
  • Engineering skills adopted to assembly robots
  • Advanced battle robot for teens
  • Highly flexible of robot customization 
  • Excellent design of joystick controller
  • Require assembly for STEM practice
  • Simple but exciting boxing gameplay
  • Great robot fight at affordable prices
  • Battle with AI and friends
  • Stunning sound and LED effect
  • Exciting robot boxing game

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GJS Robot is not just a robotic toy that you can play the battle fight, but it’s also a great tool for STEM and code learning. AR (Augmented Reality) Gaming experience provides unique and outstanding against other toy robots in the market, and it provides excellent robot fight gameplay to the little robot fighters. Kids can control the robot, attack the opponent through well-designed First Person View on the smart phone’s screen. Players seem to be playing first-person shooting game (FPS) in using the robots they build themselves. 

When it comes to code learning (programming), the Programming Mode is also available for kids to explore. Little code builders can use block-based coding to create and sequence the moves for their own robots. Kids would be happy to learn logical thinking and being inspired through the practice and code learning journey. 

GEIO GJS robot is sensitive in control, and it is one of the most advanced combat robots for a toy robot fight. It is equipped with high-tech machine visual recognition, high-speed Omni-directional wheels, and an electronic scoring system that’s hardly be found in other robotic toys. Players can collect various virtual weapons and acquire new abilities that could be used in 8 game modes for both single-player and multiplayer gaming. You might see a more detailed review HERE.

Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Players: 1 and more players


HEXBUG BattleBots Arena Pro is a great fighting robot kits inspired by the famous robot fight television series. In the TV show,  the participants operate remote-controlled armed and armored robots to knock-out the opponents and win the robot fight. It is a dream that kids can have their own fight while staying home. Little engineers can build their own one and defeat the opponents by taking this robot kit. This combat robot set contains diversified accessories that allow kids to customize their battlebots with unique weapon combos. Don’t underestimate Hexbug robot fight, you will be able to organize an exciting robot fight game in the living room and even the bedroom. What’s more, kids would have a chance to adopt their ‘engineering’ technique from STEM skills to assemble their Hex bug battebots and win the battles against their friends. If your kids like hand-to-hand combat robot, HEXBUG BattleBots Arena Pro probably, would be a great one.

Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Batteries: 4 LR44 batteries required. (included)
Players: 2 players


If HEXBUG BattleBots Arena Pro is too tiny for you, you might need a bigger and greater GANKER EX and enjoy robot gaming with that. It provides hand-to-hand combat gameplay.  Players can use a special design joystick controller to take full control of GANKER EX

Regarding robot control, with advanced space positioning synchronization technology, players can control the robot’s upper body, orientation, and movement with ease. 4 motors Omni-directional wheels also help the robot perform 360° high-speed movement. 

What’s more, It also comes with Electronic Scoring System which is similar to GJS Robot. The lighting, audio, and vibration effect would make you feel the robot fight in real and the players take control of giant robots.

Last but not least, the most impressive feature of GANKER EX is the robot assemble and personalization. Players can simply create, equip, and remove accessories with no hassles. It is an enjoyable experience to decorate combat robots against other players’ challenges.

Recommended Age: 14 years and up
Batteries: Lithium Polymer Battery (included)
Control: Joystick controller


From the advanced fighting robots to wired remote control boxing fighting robots, Poraxy 2 Boxing Robot Kit is a little nice set of RC robots for robot boxing as well as STEM learning. Before starting the fight, little engineers have to assemble the robot kit themselves. Kids will learn the mechanical rotation which helps inspire kids’ STEM potentials. Moreover, kids will enhance eye-hand coordination during the fight with friends. Although Poraxy 2 Boxing Robot Kit is wired controlled robots, they can throw quick fists (straight punch and uppercut) and have fast movements (spin left and right) for attack and defense. While you are able to control the boxer to hit the button on the opponent’s head, you will defeat your friend.


Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Batteries:  2 * AA Battery (Not included)
Control: wired remote control
Package included: 1x Boxing Robots Assemble Kit(Including 2 robots)


Sometimes, it might not be easy to see your friends in person and have a robot fight always. You might need Silverlit Robo Kombat Battle Pack, which is a great set offering you an enjoyable single-playing experience anytime. A set of Silverlit Robo contains 2 robots which are commanded by 2 controllers. Apart from playing with friends, the unique feature “Battle with AI” allows players to have robot boxing alone. The fight between 2 robot boxers is very exciting. They can perform a quick combo punch which comes with awesome audio and lighting effects of LED illuminated eyes. If you just want to have simple and fun boxing playing time without spending time on robot assembly. It will be a great one you can consider.


Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Batteries: 4 AA batteries required.
Control: remote controllers
Package included: 2 robots with 2 controllers

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