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Robot Toys for Kids – How to Choose

Robot Toys for Kids - How to Choose

Robot Toys for Kids – How to Choose, robotopicksRobot Toys are great tools for little engineers to learn STEM. Robotic toys in great design could be educational and entertaining. In fact, STEM toys have been widely used to teach early engineering which helps develop critical thinking. 

Due to advanced technology and keen competition of robot toy manufacturing, mass-produced robot toys become relatively affordable and there is a wide variety of products available for selection in the market. 

So, what can robot toys do? In general, most of the robot toys can perform some tricks and actions on command. Besides, some advanced products can even learn, grow and interact with kids. Most robot toys include many electronic components such as chips, gears, and sensors. Assembled robot toys can interact with us, express their ‘emotions’ as well as help us solve problems as smart assistants. As a matter of fact, it could be a nightmare to select the right toy robots for kids. We hope this article can help you understand better and be able to find the right toys for the little engineers. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Process of Problem Solving

When it comes to robotic toys, it always plays a key role in child development. Child development entails the biological, psychological and emotional changes that occur in human beings between birth and the conclusion of adolescence, as the individual progresses from dependency to increasing autonomy. By that we mean, playing robot toys can

  • help develop critical thinking
  • inspires kids self-learning
  • encourage kids to think out of the box
  • motivate kids to explore ways to solve problems 

Little robots could be different from the ordinary toys. Apart from having fun, it is also a powerful portal to learn how to solve the problem themselves. To make it clear, here you can see the flow of problem-solving. 

  1. problem discovering >
  2. cause and consequence examining >
  3. problem-solving

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Actually, the core features of toy robotics are code learning and programming. Most of the robot toys are designed to inspire the skills in problem-solving. To accomplish the missions that robot toy preset, kids need to read through the instruction, discover the problems, pay attention to details and try their own ways to solve problems with parents and friends. That exactly follows the above process of problem-solving. Undoubtedly, code learning can help develop logical thinking and eventually teach kids to solve problems themselves. That’s why playing robotic toys are good for little kids. Earlier the kids develop the skill, better skill of logical thinking they can master. As a result, it is strongly advised to let children experience toy robotics in the preschool age.

Furthermore, most robot toys can also help enhance interaction between the kids and the parents. Do you prefer your boys/girls spending their time playing mobile game playing or educational robot toys?

In general, most of the mobile educational games/apps are designed for killing time and let your children stay calm while you are not free to take care of yelling kids. Kids would be easily attracted and addicted to mobile games playing in the long run. On the contrary, toy robots require kids a high level of interaction with the robot in order to accomplish specific goals and missions. It can also bring much more fun and achievement during the process of problem-solving with parents/teachers. It is also helpful to build mutual trust with kids.

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Playing robot toys with kids could be fun

Benefits of Toy Robotics

Robot Toy is always categorized under STEM. STEM is an educational program developed to prepare kids to study the scope of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). It is proved that playing robot toys can enhance STEM proficiency. Benefits include:

  • Help kids develop the right sequence of problem solving and skill of logical thinking
  • Arouse the interest of learning technology and get adopted to electronic devices and applications in early stage
  • Get elementary coding skills by building simple robotic toys
  • Inspire kids brain and hands development 
  • Overcoming challenges and developing patience

Toy Robots for Kids in All Ages

Playing robot toys can be fun and interesting. Some well known educational toy brands like Fisher-Price introduce a range of robotic toys for kids starting from 3 years old. It brings out simple and elementary programming concepts and helps develop coding skills from the very beginning stage. For example, Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar Toy (recommended age 36 months – 6 years old) encourages kids to get Code-a-pillar connected with several pieces.

Every piece performs different actions like moving forward, turning left and right, etc. Kids can rearrange their own code-a-pillar piece by piece and instruct the robotic toy to reach the goal in their own path. Kids can use their creativity and skill of logical thinking to guide Code-a-Pillar to the destination.

Understand what they features

Features of each robot toy in the market can be very unique. We would advise you to choose robotic toys that kids can develop ‘bonding’ with the toys. It means robot toys provide different features and kids would get bored after playing awhile. Kids can explore and discover other possibilities to play robot toys in alternative ways.

What’s more, we also need to consider if the robot toys require external devices/tools to deliver command. 

  • Is the smart device app required to remotely control the robot toy?
  • Does it need an internet connection to communicate with robotic toys?
  • Can it recognize verbal commands or body gestures?

You are strongly recommended to read some products’ reviews and buying guides before making a purchase decision in order to avoid buying the toys which are not as expected.

How much we should spend on robot toys?

The price of robot toys depends on what they can do, by that I mean, toy’s functions and features. 

It could be affordable for most parents as the price range could be between $30 to $50. Those robot toys are automated robot toy which can perform basic commands and preset instruction like electronic pets. Many girls like to have a puppy to accompany them, a robotic puppy could be a great choice.

Certainly, we also can find alternatives that are programmable and even have a certain level of AI (artificial intelligence) which can perform two-way interaction between kids and robots. It would be fun for kids if they can treat their robot toys as friends and take care of them every day. The price of those kinds of the robot could be relatively higher. It could be US$50 or even higher. It is suggested to check customer’s reviews before bringing them home, so you would know how other parents comment on the specific models you intend to buy.

Power & Batteries

Certainly, power/battery is one of the concerns. Some robot toys have built-in batteries. You can simply get the robot toys fully charged via USB cable and make it work for a few hours. Some robot toys might require different kinds of batteries. We should check what kinds of batteries it uses and gets it ready in advance in order to make your kids disappointed.

Where to Buy Robot Toys?

If it is the first time for you to buy robot toys or you don’t have any ideas to pick specific models at the moment. It’d better find robotic toys in the market place like Amazon because you can compare the features of similar products, check buyers’ reviews, see how many users actually like and buy the toys. it can help you make the right purchase decision.


We hope the above pieces of advice can help you choose great robot toys for your kids. Thank you for reading and happy toys hunting! If you need more advice/ have anything you would like to know, feel free to share with us, feel free to leave your message to us.

Happy Robot Toys Hunting!

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