Sphero Spider-Man Interactive Robot Review

Sphero Spider-Man Interactive Robot Review

About Sphero – Spider-Man Interactive Robot App-enabled Superhero

Most people who are interested in robotic toys might know Sphero. They are not only well-known and experienced in producing robotic toys, but also good at transforming prevalent licensed characters to interactive toy robots. After introducing Star Wars app-controlled BB-8 and authentic Lightning McQueen robotic remote control car, here comes to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Spider-Man Interactive Robot App-enabled Superhero is your great buddy. He will tell you awful jokes, wake you up, safeguard your house and even entertain you by diversified interactive games to the kids as well as kidults. Let’s join and see how Spider-Man Interactive Robot works for you.

Sphero Spider-Man Interactive Robot

Sphero - Spider-Man Interactive Robot - PROS & CONS


  • Plenty of funny jokes and speeches
  • Cute design and amazing detailed costume
  • Dedicated App with games


  • Voice recognition not sensitive and accurate sometimes
  • limited moves spidey can make
  • A little bit expensive

Sphero Spider-Man Interactive Robot Key Features

Configuration with Ease

First of all, before making a purchasing decision, you have to make sure that your smartphone has ‘Bluetooth’ which allows you to connect the ‘Spider-Man Interactive Robot’. After that, there are a series of straight-forward procedures to follow and make the Spidey works. After getting connected, you can use the mobile app to control your superhero robot. The app is compatible with iOS & Android devices, but unfortunately not for Amazon Fire devices. 

For energy charging, the micro USB socket is under spidey’s right foot, you can plug-in Micro USB cable to refill power for the toy robot.

Keep You Fresh with Regular Content Update

Sphero provides regular content and firmware update in order to keep you stay long with the Spider-Man. As long as this app-enabled superhero connects with WiFi, the Spidey interactive robot can download updated content including new stories, jokes, missions and game modes accordingly. Hence, this special Spidey robot will continue the adventure with you and fight the villains together.

Unique Design of Sphero Spider-Man Interactive Robot

While you meet Sphero –  Spider-Man Interactive Robot at first glance, you might think it is one of the Pop! bobblehead collectibles. it has a cute bighead and stubby body. The Spider-Man costume is awesomely crafted instead of simply plain printed. It’s about 21cm tall which is pretty good to place on the table as Marvel’s collectible for decoration. 

What’s more, although Spider-Man can perform dynamic and stunning moves in the animation and the movies. However, the arms are the only articulated parts of this toy robot and you can just move the arms by yourself since it is not powered by robotics.

If you still remember ‘Ultimate Lightning McQueen’, Sphero does the same for the eyes of Spider-Man Interactive Robot. Spidey iconic black-framed eyes are made of the LCD screen. Spidey can express his feeling and emotions through diversified eye expressions. You can feel his emotional changes while he tells jokes to you with interesting facial expressions. Besides, Spider-Man App-enabled Superhero has a built-in microphone and speaker which allows you to speak to him and he will play games with you by return.

Apart from the black-framed eyes, the spider symbol on his chest is another key icon of Spider-Man no matter which costumes Peter Parker suits up. You can press the spider’s symbol to activate various kinds of functions instead of using the app to deliver commands.

Special features of Sphero Spider-Man Interactive Robot

Interaction certainly is the key to this robot toy. There are various ways to let you communicate with Spidey. 


Features include:

Create an Alter Ego

Create your Super Hero identity and keep tabs on your accomplishments. Choose your name and superpower to dive into Spidey’s world.


Write Your Story

Every decision creates a new path forward, making every adventure unique. See how your story progresses in real-time the more you get to know Spidey.


Ultimate Experience

Spidey’s web connection allows you to get content updates to keep your experience fresh.


Super Smarts

Spider-Man listens & adapts to your unique personality. Learn tips for communicating with Spidey in the app and ask him questions at any time.


Other features cover Team up. Hang out. Fight villains. All show you how to become a Super Hero. 

About the Voice Feature

In addition, you might find interest in the voice-activated interaction feature. You can speak to Spidey and he will communicate with you with some awful jokes by return. Before doing that, you need to let Spidey recognizes your voice first. Some people said there is a voice recognition issue, however, the function works fine for us. Probably, there are some updates to get the problem fixed before our review.  

Tell you Jokes

Spidey’s got lots of funny jokes. Lots and lots of bad jokes. The interactive robot will love to share jokes as well as his story with you about how he fights the villains. What’s more, you can unlock special hero powers by practice and built-in games, you will learn how to become a great Marvels hero.

Furthermore, Recruiting a superhero home, you might expect that he will provide some practical features, indeed, it did. 


Before you step out, activate guard mode and Spidey’s built-in motion sensor will alert you if anyone tries to step in.


Wake up! Wake up! Set an alarm in the app and start your day in the Spidey way.

Sphero is creating the future of fun, from app-enabled robots to teaching the skills of tomorrow

Wrapping up

Definitely, Spider-Man Interactive Robot is another premium interactive robot toy that Sphero brings to us. It provides you plenty of entertainment if you love Spider-Man and toy robotics. If the price is not your major concern, it won’t make you disappointed.

Customer's feedback

No. of Customer reviews – 93 (updated to 14 Feb 2020)

Sphero Interactive App-enabled Spider-Man Specifications

Age8 years and up
Prebuilt / Kit buildPrebuilt
Skill of CodingRequired
PlayabilityFun with tons of interactive features
ControlDedicated App Control (iOS/Android)
Bluetooth connection
Power2 LR44 batteries required. (included)

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