Spin Master – Interactive A.I. Boxer Robot Toy Review

Spin Master - Boxer Interactive A.I. Robot Toy Review

About Interactive A.I. Boxer Robot Toy

If you need a robot buddy for your kids, probably, Boxer Interactive A.I. Robot Toy is good for you. As a matter of fact, it is pretty popular among kids and parents as it brings lots of fun and gets kids connected with parents in the game playing time. Just like Mibro Really Rad Robot, it can play lots of tricks. Besides, Boxer will express a range of emotions while kids interact with it. However, it is slightly different from other STEM robot kits, it does not require kids to have coding skills. Kids can simply use their hands, the ball, game activity cards, and remote control included to have fun with Boxer for the whole day long. Without further ado, Join us to see what makes Boxer famous!

Spin Master - Boxer Interactive A.I. Robot Toy Review

What makes Boxer Interactive A.I. Robot Toy Special

Tiny Robot with Big Personality

Emotion Expression is one of the key features of Boxer A.I. Robot Toy emphasizes. Kids can see the changes of emotion while they touch, play and interact with the robot. Boxer always expresses dynamic moods through the eyes and its box-like robot body. Boxer also can dance, run, turn around and even perform awesome wheelie tricks via its great equipped wheels.

interaction_boxer robot ai toy, robotopicks

Emphasize Interaction between Kid & Boxer

Apart from basic remote control function, Boxer can also perform some special moves which are different from other robot toys in the market.

game_boxer robot ai toy, robotopicks
remote control_boxer robot ai toy, robotopicks

Control by Hand Gesture

Kids can lead Boxer to different directions and even stop movements by hand commands. You might say it looks similar to the Force power in the Star Wars series. Actually, this is pretty similar to what Littlebits Star Wars Droid can do. Anyway, it is fun and one of the key moves of Boxer.

Hand Gesture_boxer robot ai toy, robotopicks

Play Tricks with Activity Cards

Boxer Interactive A.I. Robot Toy comes with 10 activity cards. Scanning the cards will allow Boxer to play diversified games such as bot ball shooting, bot bowling, and even fortune-telling. Most games are addictive and interesting. Kids would love to play with them much. What’s more, parents also can help download the Boxes app via smart devices to unlock more new games for kids.

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scan card_boxer robot ai toy, robotopicks

Drive and Explore

Lastly, don’t miss the easy-to-use remote control. By the infrared sensors, balancing motors and wheels equipped, Boxer can play some stunning moves and kids can use the control to drive and help Boxer starts the adventure.

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What’s in the Boxer's Packing?

Boxer is a nice present for kids aged 6+. Unpacking the box, you will find…

  • 1 Boxer A.I. Robot 
  • 10 Game Activity Cards (to activate the games)
  • IR Remote Control
  • Interactive Ball Accessory (it is used for playing football game with Boxer)
  • USB Charging Cable
packing__boxer robot ai toy, robotopicks
packing_boxer robot ai toy, robotopicks

Boxer Interactive A.I. Robot Toy PROS & CONS

  • Attractive Price for A.I. Robot
  • plenty of accessories included
  • Internet not required
  • too tiny for kids
  • Unpredictable acts sometimes
  • please play on the floor rather than the table

Customer's feedback

No. of Customer reviews – 219 (updated to 28 Aug 2019)

  • A small, cute adorable non-programmable robot with wholesome quirkiness!!
  • Great robot, plays games, lots of fun!
  • Fun for everyone but maybe a little too advanced for little ones.
  • Favorite item from Christmas for 10 years old

Boxer Robot Toy Specifications

Age5 years and up
Prebuilt / Kit buildPrebuilt
Skill of CodingNot required
PlayabilityA.I. Robot with lots of built-in games
ControlRemote & App-Controlled
Power3 LR44 batteries required. (included)

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