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Inspiring STEM Careers In The Royal Air Force (RAF)

STEM is not just a subject to study or skills that children need to master, but it is really helpful for career development, in particular, for jobs related to engineering. If you are interested in developing careers in RAF, you might need to acquire an adequate level of STEM proficiency.

What is STEM?

Obviously, STEM is an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics that are the areas of expertise kids should learn. It helps establish logical thinking, develop problem-solving skills, and encourage team coordination. For further interest, you can learn more here: STEM Education

How STEM is important for RAF?

Engineering is particularly important for RAF. No matter which positions in RAF you would like work for e.g. engineers, logistical officers, aviation technicians, pilots, cyberspace specialists, medics… a certain level of STEM proficiency that you are required to meet. If you would like to develop a bright career in RAF, please plan in advance.

Get Prepared to join RAF

The link in the following gives you an insight into some of the many roles of RAF which make up STEM and test your knowledge.

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