Thinkfun Roller Coaster Challenge Review

Roller Coaster Challenge ThinkFun Smart Game Reviewed 2022

Have you ever played a Roller Coaster at home? Probably not. Thinkfun brings you another way to experience an exciting Roller Coaster Challenge without visiting an amusement park. Instead of enjoying the roller coaster, this time kids will act as little engineers to build the path in a logical way and offer the passengers a safe journey of enjoying the Roller Coaster. My kid is 6 years old and he enjoys building the ride, solving the challenges, and even playing in his own way. Without further ado, let’s get started on our review.   

What is the Roller Coaster Challenge?

ThinkFun has designed a range of Smart STEM games for kids. Roller Coaster Challenge is one of them and it is awarded the Toy of the Year Award Finalist in 2018. Similar to our last review of ThinkFun Gravity Maze, it is a smart game to help kids train logical thinking. 

Thinkfun Roller Coaster

Watch Video Introduction of Roller Coaster Challenge

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The goal of Roller Coaster Challenge

The goal of the game is pretty simple. The little engineers should lead the tiny roller coaster cart from the start to the end. To make the game more dynamic and challenging, some rules and constraints written in the game cards are applied to make the game with challenges. For example, you have to use assigned pieces of pillars, different kinds of conjunction parts, and diversified lengths of tracks to build a complete ride. In some of the challenges, the tiny car has to cross the tunnel(s) provided. That’s full of challenges, but it’s a lot of fun and satisfaction while you are able to make a safe ride without dropping the car from the tracks.

Thinkfun Roller Coaster Challenges How to play

Key Features of the Roller Coaster Challenge Game

  • The Roller Coaster Kit covers 40 game levels of increasing difficulty. Kids can challenge it one by one, and finally become professional roller coaster builders. 
  • Colorful instruction manual is included. Before playing the game, partners can help explain how to play, then kids can enjoy the games and understand the rules applied.
  • The game is good for establishing critical thinking, reasoning and planning skills. Without said skills, the little roller coaster car cannot run through the ride. Kids can plan the path in advance and test if it works. 

What Thinkfun’s Roller Coaster Challenge includes;

  • 1 game board
  • 36 posts
  • 39 tracks
  • 2 tunnels
  • 1 roller coaster car
  • 40 challenging cards with solutions
  • Detailed Instruction Guide in colors. 
Thinkfun Roller Coaster Challenges How to play

Other Parents’ feedback of the Roller Coaster Challenge

  • This sounds like a fun idea
  • My 10 year old has been playing with this non-stop since we got the ThinkFun’s Roller Coaster Challenge.
  • Creative puzzle game in 3D for kids
  • My son gives Roller Coaster Challenge 1,000 stars
  • This is a fantastic STEM game for little engineers. If the childs like to build, this is the perfect toy.
  • One of the only STEM smart games that can take your kids away from the monitors. 

More feedback could be found HERE

Final Verdict

My boy and even I found the roller coaster challenge interesting. We spent a few weeks clearing those 40 challenges and took more time to play around by setting our own rules. It is suggested to read through the instructions before starting the games. Some concepts such as the length of the tracks use of the conjunction section should be clear because it helps you plan the game well.  If you and your little engineers love smart STEM games, that’s what you should try. 

Happy Reading!

ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge Smart Game Review

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