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Wonder Workshop Dash Interactive Robot Toy Review

Wonder Workshop Dash Interactive Robot Toy Review and Guide

Wonder Workshop Dash is an award-winning interactive robot toy. It is not only entertaining but also educational for kids aged 5 and up. Kids can command their robot toy to perform various tasks via voice command and simple coding. It also enables kids to establish logical thinking by a series of practices and challenging missions provided by several FREE mobile apps available on both iPhone and Android devices. What’s more, Dash interactive robot toy can even do more than expected by equipping additional accessories. For example, Dash can make itself a huge change of appearance with LEGO bricks, learn special movements as well as function upgrades. Besides, kids can use their infinite imagination and unlimited creativity to build their unique sidekicks. Come and see how fun to learn to code with Dash interactive robot toy by Wonder Workshop.

Wonder Workshop Dash Interactive Robot Toy Review

What makes Dash Interactive Robot Toy Special

Let’s kids learn coding and problem-solving skill with Dash

Coding skill is essential in the digital era. Dash Interactive robot toy helps kids develop the cause and effect concept. Wonder Workshop introduces key elements of robotics like loops, events, conditions, and sequences. It helps establish logical thinking through a series of missions built-in mobile apps that are free to download. Everything is presented in an interesting and interactive approach which makes learning with fun and satisfaction.

With a strong community and schools' support

Code learning can be cool and fun. What makes Dash special is that Wonder Workshop has established Wonder League which is an excellent platform/learning base that allows kids to share their knowledge and resource with others with the same hobby. What’s more, Wonder Workshop will also organize Robotics Competitions regularly to encourage kids to build their robots with unique skills and techniques. It helps create close bonding with fellow members within the League and let the kids grow their programming skill together. Certainly, It is a great place to get kids involved and make the subject of toy robotics interesting and developable.

A mixture of compatible mobile apps and accessories

Dash is not just an ordinary robotic toy, it can perform surprising features with the strong support of mobile apps and accessories. Kids can have fun with robotics for ages 5 and up.

For ages 5 and up​

Go for Dash & Dot robots

It allows kids to 

  • Change Dash personalities and names
  • Control Dash moves and changes the speed settings
  • switch display light colors and patterns
  • Play fun sounds and animations
App_Wonder for Dash & Dot Robots, robotopicks

Path for Dash robot

Kids can draw a path for Dash to explore adventure and unlock special abilities, sounds, and animations.

App_Path for Dash robot, robotopicks

Xylo for Dash robot

Dash can play xylo. Kids can create music from scratch or remix songs to make a unique musical masterpiece. Accessory Xylophone is required

App_Xylo for Dash robot, robotopicks

For ages 8 and up

Wonder for Dash & Dot Robots

With picture-based language and over 300 challenges, it will teach kids how to code. Wonder is the first coding tool that lets kids have fun with robotics all on their own.

App_Go for Dash & Dot robots, robotopicks

Blockly for Dash & Dot robots

Blockly is a visual drag-and-drop programming tool developed by Google that allows children to snap together commands like puzzle pieces. Kids can use blocky to take full control of Dash. Kids also can learn concepts of sequence, events, loops, algorithms, operations, and variables through self-directed play and guided challenges.

App_Blockly for Dash & Dot robots, robotopicks

In addition to mobile apps, Dash interactive robot toy is also compatible with some physical accessories which can help explore Dash potential. Here are some add-on accessories you might consider. 

For Little Creators - Building Brick Connectors

It allows Dash to transform into an animal, a truck, anything that little creators want. With 2 building brick connectors, Kids can play Dash with LEGO bricks and make a new Dash in unique appearance and design.

For Little Artists - SKETCH KIT

It allows kids to draw shapes, make design and even write words by programming the Dash robot.

Dash Sketch Kit

For Little Builders - GRIPPER BUILDING KIT

It brings Dash functional arm and allows Dash to expand capability.

Dash Gripper Building Kit
Dash Gripper Building Kit

For Little Fun Players - LAUNCHER

It is a great tool for fun, including robot head nod, ball launcher and ball for sure. It allows kids to aim and fire the ball to target with precision and accuracy.

Dash Launcher
Dash Launcher

For Little Musicians - Xylophone

As mentioned, kids can add xylophone and perform musical activities with the mobile app. If your kids are interested in music playing, it is a must-buy accessory.

Dash Xylophone
Dash Xylophone
Dash Xylophone

Long-lasting playing and standby time

Last but not least, Dash provides sufficient playing time after fully charged. Kids can play with Dash for 5 hours (up to 30 days of standby time). Dash can be charged via Micro USB / power adaptor included.

  • Highly extendable

  • Great mobile apps support

  • Diversified add-on accessories

  • Various levels of programming available

  • Durable dash body
  • Suitable for kids who are keen on robotics

  • Connectivity issues reported by some users

  • Add on accessories required to perform specific features

  • Customer's feedback

    No. of Customer reviews – 467  (updated to 31 Jul 2019)

    What do they think?

    • Best STEM Robotic Device on the market
    • Great robot for a wide range of ages!
    • Highly recommended! Great quality and sturdy construction
    • This little guy is full of potential!

    Wonder Workshop Dash Specifications

    Age> 5
    Prebuilt / Kit buildPrebuilt
    compatible with LEGO bricks
    Skill of CodingRequired
    ProgrammablePicture-based coding
    fun & educational
    ControlFree apps with Smart Device
    Power1 Lithium-ion batteries required. (included)
    enable users to change coding and perform more functions

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